Marios Siarlis

Alongside co-creating UNDUN knobs, Marios has always been drawn towards self-expression and commentary through his creativity. He is a self proclaimed creative thinker and doer.

His experimental multimedia projects most often use humour to deal with cultural observations and society.


Marios’s drive to experience many different mediums has lead him into jewellery design, metalwork, digital illustration, sculpting, molding and many more. His collaborations/ projects include UNDUN, Jumping Gypsies and his solo work branded simply as Siarlis.

The hanging donkey

Gadaros - "The hanging donkey"

Gadaros - "The hanging donkey" Inspired by an old B&W photograph of the late Edward Voskeritchian, it speaks volumes of a nation that suffered hardship and humiliation in the hands of its aggressors. In a form of an astral projection, the work epitomizes the traveling of one's consciousness out of their body toward a spiritual plane or dimension, where they can look down at themselves. In so doing, they can recognize their own vulnerability and powerlessness -- the part of oneself that can be easily puppeteered into conforming to social and/or political norms. This project was carried out as part of a University of Cyprus competition in 2018 where it was awarded with 2nd place. This project is available to be made in the proposed dimensions which are full scale.



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