About Undun

Undun knobs began as a startup project in 2012 in Limassol on the
Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

At it’s early stages we had begun experimenting with various casting and molding techniques in our small home studio.
It was at a chance meeting at our friend’s beautiful cacti and succulent garden the we were first inspired to use these techniques to cast small cacti with the purpose of creating unique knobs. In time, this lead us to molding other small objects like sea urchins, starfish, shells and chili peppers.
We were hooked.

Over time we were adding small modifications in an effort to make some of these small and detailed objects functional and practical everyday items. And so UNDUN knobs was born.

Today we supply decorative knobs, handles and pulls in a wide range
of ‘organic’ designs, colours and sizes to fit almost any cabinet, drawer, dresser or kitchen around the world.

The magic of casting offers unlimited options and gives us the opportunity to expand our collection, our design and even our production capacity to cover every need of our customers.